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We help give you in-person access to your target audience.



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What We Do

We help give you in-person access to your target audience.
You have the opportunity to make a positive impression on dozens or even hundreds of prospects in a short timeframe.
We assess strategy effectiveness.
When backed by an effective strategy, event marketing can be a powerful tool for helping you generate qualified leads and, in effect, may help you close more deals. CXC specializes in Live Events by using our in-house Promotional Models / Brand Ambassadors. CXC knows what works when it comes to connecting and communicating with your audiences in the trade show space. Our trade show marketing programs deliver unique, immense experiences that engage audiences and motivate action.
  • Media & Collateral Creation
  • Experience Design
  • Acquisition & Activation

Who Is This For?

We help businesses and brands who are looking to create brand cohesion throughout the country. Using the unique CXC brand strategy, we enable businesses to access, share, and deliver brand assets. We enjoy working with business owners and entrepreneurs looking to reconnect, restart or begin a new business brand journey.

Our Working Process