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What We Do

We personalize your marketing strategy.

We help you employ one of the most effective ways of connecting to your target market in an informal yet very personalized manner. Imagine, through effective online marketing, you can already interact with your target audience and market your products and services to them without being too pushy.

  • Custom Websites

When it comes to your website needs, we understand how important it can be for your business to create a site that your clients can find informative, innovative and a firm representation of your company. We pride ourselves that every website is personal, creating what we know, will be visually appealing and affordable to various budgets. Each site is specific to the vision our clients are trying to bring to life. We understand that time is of the essence, so we enjoy taking the stress off our clients and make sure that we execute each site with a quick turnaround time.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Anyone who owns a website needs search engine optimization. It’s one of the most, if not the most, cost effective marketing strategy in the business. SEO brings brand awareness to your consumers and we make it our goal to bring traffic from potential clientele looking for what your brand has to offer. We work to optimize your companies ranking in web traffic to potentially make your services one of top go-to in its field.


Too many customers is never a bad thing! Actually, we believe the more the merrier. When customers search for your services, why not be their first option on search engines. When you pay only when they visit your website or call, it seems like such a small price for a huge potential profit. From growing your online sales or keeping your customers coming back for more, pay-per-click can help. There’s no better time for the right customer you can cater to. You can choose to target your ads to customers within a certain set distance from your offices, a region or city, or even go global, the sky’s the limit!

  • Hosting and Maintenance

Not only do we pride ourselves in creating affordable websites, we also offer affordable quality web hosting solutions. Whether your site is developed with us, we know how crucial it is to maintain the utmost quality in your websites and the highest level of support from a staff eager to assist in any way we can.

CXC has our own servers, nation fiber network, custom linux kernel and data center. You can rest easy knowing that we ensure that we directly will maintain excellence in your hosting and maintenance needs. We constantly make sure your website is up to your standards fit for your budget.

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