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Welcome to Addiction Specialists of Southern California. Your pathway to freedom!

At our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment facility located in beautiful Southern California, we are committed to providing compassionate and cutting-edge care for individuals seeking to overcome substance abuse and achieve long-term recovery. We understand that addiction can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, but we firmly believe in the power of support, guidance, and evidence-based treatments to help you on your journey to sobriety and freedom.



Project Summary


The Working Challenge

Step 1:

Discovery and Planning

In the initial phase, our team closely collaborated with Dr. Jayson Hymes to understand his professional background, areas of expertise, and vision for his online presence as the Medical Director of Addiction Specialists of Southern California.

Thorough research was conducted into Dr. Hymes’ extensive medical career, including his roles as the former owner and Medical Director of Conservative Care Specialists Medical Group, Inc., his educational background at the University of Louisville Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, as well as his various certifications and affiliations in Addiction Medicine and Pain Management.

Together, we outlined a strategic plan to showcase Dr. Hymes’ expertise and cutting-edge treatment approaches in addiction and pain management, mapping out the structure, content, and features of his website to effectively communicate his professional credentials and services to prospective patients and colleagues.

Step 2:

Design and Development

With a clear understanding of Dr. Hymes’ objectives, our team of designers embarked on crafting a professional and informative website that reflected his medical expertise and commitment to innovative treatment modalities.

Simultaneously, our developers utilized state-of-the-art technologies and industry best practices to build a user-friendly website that provided easy access to resources, information about treatment options, and ways to contact Dr. Hymes’ private practice.

Throughout this phase, we maintained open communication with Dr. Hymes, presenting design concepts and website prototypes for his feedback and approval, ensuring that the final product accurately represented his professional brand and met the needs of his target audience.

Step 3:

Testing and Launch

Before launching Dr. Hymes’ website to the public, comprehensive testing was conducted to ensure its functionality across various devices and browsers, as well as its compatibility with accessibility standards.

Any identified issues or technical glitches were promptly addressed and resolved to ensure a seamless user experience for visitors seeking information about addiction and pain management services.

Upon successful completion of testing, we orchestrated the official launch of Dr. Hymes’ website, accompanied by a targeted marketing campaign to increase visibility and attract potential patients. We also provided Dr. Hymes with training and ongoing support to manage and update his website effectively, ensuring its continued success as a valuable resource in the field of addiction and pain medicine.

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