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Florence LaRue, renowned for her performances worldwide as a member of the 5th Dimension, including tours in Europe and collaborations with Frank Sinatra, has also shone as a solo artist in musicals like “Mo Magic” and “More Magic.” Amidst continued touring with The 5th Dimension, appearances on national television and PBS specials introduce her to a new generation of fans. Renowned critics praise her enduring talent and captivating voice, affirming her ongoing success. While remaining committed to The 5th Dimension, LaRue is also embracing her solo career, venturing into songwriting and preparing for her one-woman show, “Just As I Am,” alongside completing her book “Let Your Light Shine.”



Project Summary


The Working Challenge

Step 1:

Discovery and Planning

During the initial phase, our team closely collaborated with Florence LaRue to understand her career goals, artistic vision, and aspirations as both a member of The 5th Dimension and a solo artist.

Thorough research was conducted into Ms. LaRue’s extensive performance history, including her tours with The 5th Dimension, her stage play appearances, and her solo projects, to identify key achievements and opportunities.

Together, we outlined a strategic plan to leverage Ms. LaRue’s iconic status and unparalleled talent, mapping out her website’s structure, content, and features to effectively showcase her multifaceted career and engage her diverse fan base.

Step 2:

Design and Development

With a clear understanding of Ms. LaRue’s objectives, our team of designers embarked on crafting a visually stunning website that reflected her dynamic personality, musical prowess, and professional achievements.

Simultaneously, our developers employed cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to build a responsive, user-friendly website that seamlessly integrated multimedia elements, including music samples, videos, and photo galleries.

Throughout this phase, we maintained open communication with Ms. LaRue, presenting design mockups and prototypes for her feedback and approval, ensuring that the final website embodied her unique style and resonated with her audience.

Step 3:

Testing and Launch

Before launching Ms. LaRue’s website to the public, comprehensive testing was conducted to ensure its functionality across various devices, browsers, and screen sizes, guaranteeing a seamless user experience for visitors.

Any identified issues or bugs were promptly addressed and resolved to uphold the website’s quality standards and performance metrics.

Upon successful completion of testing, we orchestrated the official launch of Ms. LaRue’s website, accompanying it with a strategic marketing campaign to maximize visibility and engagement. We also provided Ms. LaRue with comprehensive training and ongoing support to empower her to manage and update her website effectively, ensuring its continued success as a centerpiece of her online presence.

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