Benefits of Scheduling Social Media Posts


Subscribers who get fresh content to help their business weekly.

No matter what kind of blog or website you run, you can share content on your social media pages to bring more people to your site and get more readers, subscribers, clients, or customers.

But manually sharing content on multiple social media sites may take a lot of time. You could also forget to promote a post here or there, which would lead to fewer people reading your blog.

Scheduling social media posts ahead is one way to avoid this and make content promotion and sharing more effective. Read on to find out why it’s a good idea to schedule your posts ahead of time and how Jetpack can help you do it faster.

As we’ve talked about a lot here on CXC Digital, social media plays a huge part in connecting with your customers and creating new customers. We’ve also talked about how important timing is when it comes to posting to your social media accounts. With a lot of accounts there are options to schedule your posts. Here are some of the benefits of scheduling social media posts.

You can make your posts more intentional. When you are creating posts to schedule they are going to be more strategic. You can better figure out how and when to launch a new campaign as well as create the right content for a specific day or time. Scheduling out when to make posts and what those posts will consist of gives you a head start on the content.

Your social media will be more consistent. Scheduling posts is also a great way to stay consistent with posting content in general but also having cohesive content among all of your social media accounts. You can still target the different audiences each platform brings in but keep your content similar.

You can “work” outside of normal business hours. For most offices you work Monday-Friday from 9-5 but what if your customers use their social media accounts on the weekend or before or after those office hours? Schedule posts for those times and keep them engaged and allow you to connect with those not able to check their social media during your office hours.

Proofreading. This one is pretty simple. If you write out a post and have it scheduled for a later time then you can have others look at it and make sure that it doesn’t have any errors and that the information is accurate.

No post overload. When you schedule out posts you can make sure you aren’t overloading your customers with content. You can spread out each post so that it doesn’t seem overwhelming to the customer.

A scheduling tool is an excellent method to free up time and ensure your material gets seen at peak viewing hours. Your calendar needs to provide some wiggle room in case anything unexpected, like an event or breaking news, comes up. As crucial as it is to plan out your material ahead of time, it is just as vital that you have the flexibility to make last-minute adjustments. Do you need help with arranging your business’s daily activities? Just drop us a message, and we’ll see what we can do to assist you.

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