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That a picture is worth a thousand words is a cliche at this point. We’ve upgraded that by fusing visuals with text.

Every day, many words are penned. The quantity of material available today is staggering. Yet, the content we are producing is empty, mainly rituals. It’s even more complicated than that because we need to learn how to calculate the return on investment for content.

Something we noticed quite some time ago has been worrying us ever since. As a result, we have begun recording and evaluating our own content business to better understand and leverage material for our purposes.

Creating content is the most important thing to keep your product relevant. How you market that content is even more important. So here are a few rules to make sure you are making the most out of your content.

Create a brand that can be identified with. You want your brand to have a personality that will allow customers to connect with it and be able to look at content and know that it was made by you. So figuring out a brand is the number one step to content marketing.

Use relevant news. Marketing is a full time thing, especially with social media being as huge as it is. You want to be able to pull content from the news and insert your brand’s personality into it to use it to your advantage. The more people are talking about the news the more chances there are to get people’s eyes on your content.

Do the research. You want to make sure you are researching the type of content that your target demographic wants to see. A woman in her early 20s isn’t going to want to see the same type of stuff as a man in his late 40s for example so don’t treat all content the same. Make sure you’re marketing towards the people you want to see. You also want to find out when your demographic is most likely to see the content time wise. For instance posting in between a window of 1-4pm might work for Facebook but not for Instagram.

Use different types of content. A lot of people will stick to blogs for their content but there are so many other things to be done and things that can help you do that research we talked about. For instance making a fun quiz, using a twitter Q&A or making a comic strip. The more content the better and if you can do it in a creative way people are more likely to share it.

Cross-promote. Doing guest posts or partnering with another company in a “share for share” type of way is very helpful to all involved. You get your name out to a new client base and you also get quality content that is new and fresh from what you have already.

We have a team of content experts and social media managers at CXC Digital who can create and distribute successful content for your business. We have experience with website content production, blogging for SEO, blogging for business, social media content distribution, and content optimization. 

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