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Mobile devices are altering how we stay connected, amuse ourselves, create memories, locate locations, carry out our occupations, learn about the world, and make purchases. We are no longer simply consumers of media; we are the media. As a result, how we work, live, and interact will never be the same. As mobile devices and social networks become more popular, they will change many businesses and make and lose money.

For the past few years, it’s been popular to talk about the explosion of mobile — mobile growth, mobile revenue, etc. There’s an obvious reason for this. From 2008 to 2012, mobile exploded. Over a four-year period, mobile experienced a CAGR of 129%.

What about now? Has mobile finally plateaued? Actually, no. It hasn’t. Quite the opposite in fact. In fact, over the next four-year period, it’s predicted to grow even more. Evidently, mobile is still growing. But how do you cash in on the mobile market? It’s not too hard. First, you need to make sure you have a fully responsive site that is mobile friendly.

Second, if you gain online revenue, then you need to make sure your checkout process is optimized for a mobile experience. It’s one thing to have a responsive site but it’s important to gain the top organic search result. As proven by SEO Clarity, the top position in the SERPs is especially important for mobile searchers as indicated by the high percentage of first-position click through.

Smartphones Change Personal Lives

Mobile device dependence is astounding. Smartphones currently outnumber newspapers and magazines in everyday usage. Smartphones are becoming people’s lifelines. A UK survey found that over one-third of adults and 60% of youths are smartphone addicts. 

Smartphones Change Marketing

Smartphones are changing consumer marketing. By sending the right offer to the right customer at the right time, targeted mobile communications can help build one-on-one relationships. These aren’t just platitudes—I mean the correct offer (via precise analytics) to the right consumer (through laser targeting) at the appropriate place and time (through Wi-Fi or GPS location tracking). Reach people when they walk past your company, conduct a mobile search query, or even scan a product in a competitor’s store!

Mobile’s rise as a critical instrument for communications, information, entertainment, and commerce is thrilling. Smartphone expansion is affecting trade in various industries. For example, mobile usage has already affected the travel business. Over half of smartphone owners view travel content, and roughly 20% order flights and hotels. 

Optimize Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing hype exceeds business results. Marketers are identifying various reasons mobile technology, mobile marketing initiatives, and related procedures operate differently than planned. We should achieve mobile marketing success by focusing on solutions that reach our target market and produce clear, measurable outcomes. The key is overpromising outcomes today when the inadequacies of various mobile marketing tactics are apparent, then constructing your plan one success at a time.

More value means more brand interest. A deep brand experience requires intentional branding. CXC promotes iOS, Android, and progressive web apps with proven marketing tactics to boost app store presence, downloads, and revenue. 

Get in touch with us today. We help businesses and brands that want to make sure that their brand is consistent all over the country. We help businesses get to, share, and deliver brand assets by using the unique CXC Digital brand strategy. We like working with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to reconnect with their business brand, restart it, or start a new one.

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