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If you were to ask any marketer or business owner what they wanted more than anything else, the answer would almost certainly be more consumers. What usually follows that? Boosted site visits. It’s true that generating traffic and leads is the top difficulty for 61% of marketers.

Blog posts are a great way to get eyes on your site as well as boost your SEO. However the blog posts don’t mean much if they aren’t being looked at in the first place, so here are a few ways to make sure your blog posts are getting seen.

Post quality content frequently. The best way to keep people coming back is to make sure the content that you are putting out is worth reading. If people see that you aren’t posting often or that the content is just thrown together they won’t feel like they NEED to read it. You want to put out original content that is interesting for your readers to keep them coming back for more.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Although it will take you more time to use SEO on your blogs it will show you an increase in page views once you get to that front page. It will get the blog seen as soon as they Google that topic and what’s better than that to get eyes on your blog?

Double check everything. Editing and proofreading is so important when it comes to blog posts. If people read it and see errors they are going to be turned off by the content and in turn they will question the quality of your blog. Make sure you always read over and edit your content before posting it for all to see.

Use social media. Social media is your best friend when it comes to marketing. Blogs thrive on places like Facebook and twitter where people can share the blog. Two ways to utilize this is to first make sure you can share the post to social media from the blog itself. If it isn’t quick and easy people often won’t do it. Secondly, partner with other colleagues to do a “share exchange” of sorts. You share their content and they share yours, that way you’re getting their customers’ eyes on it and your own as well.

Email Marketing. In the same way that social media is effective, email marketing can be too. Instead of sending out a blast that some could see as spam, just send it to a select number of people and ask them to look over the blog and share it. This way people are getting their eyes on it and then sharing it with their friends.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to ensure your blog appears in Google’s top search results. As an alternative, it’s about providing enduring value to your audience. You will stand a significantly better chance of attracting visitors if you focus on creating great content that is tailored to your intended audience and then presenting that material in a way that is both quick and easy to navigate. It’s doable, but only with dedication and effort.

You can rely on CXC Digital to help you boost your website’s organic search results. In addition, we strive to improve your business’s visibility online so that you can offer some of the most in-demand services in your industry.

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