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Facebook is a great platform to use in terms of marketing. It is one of the best social media sites used to share content, and gain new customers. However not all of the content that you are going to put out there will get shares and without shares there are no new customers to look at your page.

If you want to improve your Facebook approach, start by making sure you’re sharing interesting, relevant information that people care about. Reaching more people and getting them to interact with your Facebook Page requires exciting material. Here are a few tips to make that content “shareable”.

Use visuals. According to Hubspot, posts on Facebook that have photos in them are 53% more likely to get likes which is why it’s no surprise that in 2014 93% of the top 5,000 most shared posts on Facebook had photos in them. People like to have something that they can visually connect with or something that will catch their eye on their timeline that makes them want to share it. Keep this in mind when creating your posts.

Timing. As we’ve talked about before, timing on posts is very important in making sure that you are reaching your target demographic. In order to get shares on your posts you want to figure out the best time to make the posts in the first place. For instance retailers get the most out of posting between 8am-2pm, so they’ll want to post their content within that window. Find out what works best for your demographic and schedule posts for those times.

Call to action. Encourage your followers to share, comment, and like. Whether it be through a promotion, an opportunity to win something or even just asking people to watch a video. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is interactive and you are making it clear that you want shares, comments or likes.

Make lists and quizzes. Most shared posts have titles such as “10 reasons to…” or “5 things that…”. Lists are easy and quick to read and have interesting information in them. Quizzes are a way to get the customer involved in something, it’s interactive and fun and that will make them want to share with their followers.

Keep it positive. This might seem like a given that you would want to use positive content but positive content is also more likely to be shared than anything negative. By positive I’m talking about things that are inspiring, heartwarming, etc. Negative could even be linked to things out of your control, such as negative comments on the post. It’s important to monitor that and create content that feels good.

To maximize your reach on Facebook, you should share widely liked and shared material. The purpose of Facebook is to encourage interaction and conversation.

There is a strong link between the number of individuals interacting with a post on Facebook and the number of people joining a service or purchasing after seeing that post.

So, how can you stimulate Facebook participation?

Get inside the heads of your potential readers first. Do your research to understand what is important to them, and then tailor your material to meet their interests. After that, you should observe popular content categories and ongoing trends with keen interest. Then, find out what people are engaged in and market around that.

Finally, it’s important to continue testing and refining your methods to ensure you’re communicating with the people most likely to take action. Contact CXC Digital today to help you set-up your social media accounts for your business.

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