How to Use Customer Feedback to Your Advantage


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With the wide amount of social media options it has become easier than ever for your customers to tell you how they feel about your products, services, brand and their overall customer experience. With more opportunity to gain both praise and criticism from customers, what are you doing with that feedback? Or more importantly are you using this feedback in order to enhance your future customer’s experience with your business. CXC has a few ways you can use that customer feedback to create even stronger customer experiences.

  • Look for trends. If one person points out something wrong with your product or service, then it’s possible that it’s just something with their specific experience. If a lot of people are discovering the same issue then it’s time to start evaluating that specific area. You want to make sure that you are quick to make changes so that your customers see how much you value their opinions, but you also want to give yourself time to gain data as well as that feedback to make smart and business savvy decisions.
  • Use it to innovate your product or service. This one might seem obvious, but I’m not just talking about using the negative feedback to fix the product or service. You need to look deeper and take every bit of feedback into consideration. Your customers might have an idea that you and your team haven’t thought of, or perhaps they’ll have some feedback that sparks more ideas for you and your team. Don’t just read surface level, look into every bit of it and it has the potential to help grow your brand.
  • Strengthen your customer base. Making changes due to customer feedback will strengthen the bond that you have with your customers. They will see that you are making the effort. When you are done making these changes don’t forget to check back in with your customers. You want to make sure that the changes you’ve made are successful in actually fixing the problems and that you have actually made a difference in the customer experience.

According to Buffer, businesses should exercise extreme caution when implementing client feedback initiatives via social media. More than 1000 social media users on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were surveyed regarding their expectations for brand engagements on social media. The results indicate that social media platforms are both over- and underutilized for client feedback collection. 

Every customer has a story to tell. Occasionally, the tales have happy outcomes. Sometimes the stories are full of twists, and occasionally they are negative stories that not even Stephen King would create.

Regardless of the genre, entrepreneurs who care about business success must read consumer feedback stories. 

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