Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website


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Making sure that your website is mobile friendly is extremely important to the growth of your business. More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to surf the web making it more and more important to have a website that works for mobile just as well. Mobile customers are a lot different than regular customers. Those that shop on their mobile devices want information quickly and they want it to be easy, so having a mobile website that is easy to navigate as well as being quick to load is very important to help that customer shop more easily and in turn spend more on your business.

The amount of traffic that comes from a mobile site is another reason to make sure it is quick and fully functional. People browse your mobile sites while they’re watching tv, commuting to work or even while they’re on a computer. If your site is quick and easy to use they are more likely to stay on your site and in turn are more likely to return to your desktop site.

Check for yourself if your website is “mobile friendly” by going to your site on your mobile device and navigate through it. Does it load quickly, can you read everything easily, are the calls to action clear and is it easy to navigate? Ask yourself these questions and if you can answer “no” to any of them it’s time to re-think your mobile approach.

Google “mobile-friendly website,” and you’ll receive 446,000,000 results, including the ability to test your website. So, after all the buzz, what does it mean? Do I need a mobile site? Quick answer? Yes.

The more detailed response is that you need a mobile-friendly website because that’s the future of web design. Smartphones are replacing desktops, so you must join this new era of connectivity.

Unconvinced? Mobile-friendly websites are vital for these reasons;

  • Always Available

Mobile-friendly websites increase revenue and conversions due to their accessibility. Mobile-friendly websites allow visitors to interact with your brand across devices without hassle. Early investment in greater accessibility is essential to customer loyalty and retention.

Your website must satisfy new consumer demands and allow customers to access the customer journey from any device as more customers log on from multiple devices.

  • Builds Trust

Credibility and trust are crucial to attracting new audiences or retaining existing customers. Customers must be assured that your brand is trustworthy, reliable, and accessible. So how do you stand out among communications, promotions, and ads?

A mobile-friendly website is one of the best methods to gain client trust. It shows new and previous clients that you are flexible and adaptable and address customer requests by evolving your product offerings to meet and surpass expectations. It streamlines and authenticates the consumer journey.

  • Cost-Effective SEO

Mobile-friendly websites boost revenue and conversions. In a competitive digital environment, smooth mobile experiences are crucial. Moreover, since there is no need to maintain separate website versions for different devices, it can significantly boost revenue.

Compare the mobile user experience to the desktop user experience. What discrepancies can drive customers to abandon a mobile sale? Is your site easy to find? Mobile-friendly websites are essential for SEO since Google prioritizes them.

Ultimately, a mobile-friendly website is a solid investment that, when applied appropriately, can generate genuine rewards. Whether viewed from a short-term or long-term viewpoint, mobile-friendly websites are the future of web design. Brands that invest in these advances early on will see the most significant long-term success.

Planning a mobile update and redesign of your corporate website should be done with an expert web developer. Don’t hesitate to call us at 310 776 6666 if you’d like some recommendation or an appraisal on how to make your website a practical, cutting-edge resource for your company.

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