Making the Most Out of Twitter


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When developing social media content, it can take time to determine which platform to prioritize and optimize posts. Each network has its own culture, and you must grasp the complexities of each to develop the most effective social strategy for your small business.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is an excellent tool for marketing your business due to its 353 million users and informal environment. A Twitter marketing strategy may increase your following, lead generation, engagement, website traffic, and conversions.

Before developing a strategy for any social media channel, you must thoroughly understand those platforms. For example, LinkedIn is a more professional environment, whereas Instagram focuses on graphics. While Facebook is typically used to connect with friends and family, Twitter interacts with a more significant population.

Twitter is where interactions occur. Since it restricts the length of your post to 280 characters at the time of publication, it resembles a discussion more.

Instead of bombarding users with a wall of text, you send bite-sized remarks encouraging interaction. It makes it the ideal tool for your business.

A lot of businesses struggle to use Twitter correctly or fail to have a useful plan laid out for their business and Twitter. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can make the most out of twitter and use it to get more eyes on your product or service.

  • CreateTwitter Business Account. The first step in learning how to use Twitter for business is creating a Twitter account using your company’s name, followed by a complete Twitter profile.Consider your brand when selecting the appropriate images for your profile picture and cover photo. 

Include keywords, contact information, calls to action, and hashtags in an engaging bio. Consider becoming verified to increase the trustworthiness of your account.

  • Post about what you know best. A great way to gain attention for your product or service is by showing how much you know about your industry. Sharing tips and educational information on whatever your product or service is.
  • Ask for opinions. The great this about Twitter that we often forget is that it has an openness to it. People “live tweet” things all the time because it can work as a real-time feed. So use this to better yourself as a company and start conversations with current customers about what they like about the product or service you provide or get feedback on things you’re curious about. Generating the talk about your service or product yourself will get more eyes on it and could lead to gaining new clients.
  • Talk to your followers. This somewhat goes along with the asking for opinions but it is more than just that. Interacting with your clients when they mention you or your product or service will show them how much they matter. Just like reviews you want to let them know you are listening. You can also use mentions as an opportunity for a re-tweet.
  •  Discover Your Voice and Display Personality

Each company will have its own Twitter voice. Some will like a more fun tone, while others may choose a more serious one. Maintain brand integrity and understand your audience’s preferences.

  • Tweet Regularly and Appropriately

Remember to tweet constantly when developing your Twitter marketing plan. A few tweets per week will not increase your following. Instead, create a Twitter strategy that ensures a consistent flow of material.

Consider Twitter’s peak hours when planning your tweets so that more people will view your material.

  • Use Pictures and Diagrams

According to Twitter, videos increase interaction by 33% and GIFs by 55%. As well as, a graphic in your tweets will increase the likelihood that your followers will click on them.

When interacting with your target market, your customers, and your field, Twitter is hard to beat.

Remember to fill out your profile and hone your brand’s voice when engaging in Twitter marketing. Tweet success by including relevant hashtags, images, and links. Using tools can make your Twitter marketing more efficient and help you avoid common pitfalls, such as coming across as overly formal or impersonal.

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